Saturday, December 5, 2009


Submit by January 20, 2010

Thanks again to all who submitted to the first issue of Doom Zine. Besides a few typo's on my part, I think it turned out great! I'm very excited to get started on the second issue. I have been brainstorming a lot of idea's to make this issue different from the first and I have decided on "THEMES". Most people already have a natural theme to their work such as destruction, anatomy, or nature. I am going to ask you to only submit works that go along with a cohesive THEME.

email your submissions to

submissions must include:
-brief description about your theme
-up to 5 images or works
-website/contact info


Keep in mind that the centerfold is up for grabs!

Also, I love the way the zine turned out but it cost me a pretty penny. So, I'm asking everyone who submits to pay 1 dollar per image or work. And remember aside from online and published exposure you get a free zine just for submitting! Reference the paypal button labeled "SUBMIT" on your right. Submissions without payment will not be considered.

Thanks in advance for a great issue!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doom Zine Issue No. 1: Exposing the Young Artist

Doom Zine Issue No. 1: Exposing the Young Artist, has been published! This issue features over 50 artists from all over the country. Photographers, painters, poets unite in this unique multi-media collection of works! Contact me for your own copy of Doom Zine ($5) and stay posted for the next issues deadline..scroll down for a sneak peak at issue no. 1!

Featured Artists:

Antonia Cianfrani

Carolyn Zaikowski

Patrick Dumas

Simone Siegal

Chrissy Costigan

Kevin Michael Billieux

Wolf Howler

Jenni Sussman

Ramiro Davaro-Comas

Lindsey Stapleton

Will Long

Casey Bell

Dave Geeting

Kevin Hudson

Niki Vanderpoel

Melissa DelPrete

Barry Scott

Taryn Amina

J'aime Lizzote & Meghan Lavery

Melissa Napier

Owen Rundquist

TS Geary

Lisa Yanni

Brian McDonough

James O. Suneson

Scott Signorino

Eva Huber

Justin Johnson

Max Abraham Roseglass

Jill Caturano

Sean Sullivan

Siri Lakshmi Scott

Destiny Palmer

Massimo Mongiardo

Joseph Ransom

Kyle Bryant

Dave DiAngelis & Chris Fiftal

Caitlin Sullivan

Austin Ansbro

The Hendersons

Philip MacLeod

Sevi D & the Wilds

Stephen Toma

Robbie Lock

William Sweidel

Matthew Toussaint

Ben Farley

Lor Bridwell

Rebecca Lee Irwin

Andrew Sloan

Brooke Schwartz


Antonia Cianfrani

William Sweidel

Justin Johnson

Revenge of Jail

by Carolyn Zaikowski

A jail knocks on the first window it sees and wants to know if there is a room available. The foreman says Scram, Jail, this is an important project we're trying to complete, and you take up too much space. The jail takes a step back, grabs the first child it sees, and puts the child into it self. Ha! They may never understand me but at least I have their child in myself, so they will always need me, he thinks.

Sevi D & the Wilds

Ramiro Davaro-Comas

Lisa Yanni

Maybe Everyone Downstairs
by Ben Farley

Maybe everyone downstairs knows who I

Maybe their arms are the legs of
someone who knows me.

Maybe their eyes are at the heart of
someone who thinks they know me.

Maybe their tongues are in the throats of
people who thinks they know me
but who can't
put a face to my name.

Maybe their lungs are in the womb
of someone who might know me
years from now.

Maybe their teeth are the teeth of
people who know me,
but who
think otherwise.

J'aime Lizotte & Meghan Lavery

Melissa DelPrete

Dave DiAngelis

Owen Rundquist

No One Said Nothing
by Sean Sullivan

We were both aware our days were numbered. The laughter and the long stares we once held hd been fading like my shadow across the sidewalk as I approached her door. I know I had everything to do with that. I could almost hear, "In the kitchen love," a sort of Pavlov-ion response to opening the door and ascending the stairs, but now I heard nothing. We sat at the kitchen table, she was drunk on cheap red wine, and I was working on getting to the same place with the half bottle of Jamison and a few loose beers I had left in the refrigerator a few days before. We sat and filled the ashtray with my cigarettes. No one said nothing. That was the evening she said, "I don't know what to say to you." "If it's over, say that," I replied. That was the night I fell asleep with my own ashtry on my chest, and my own bottle of whiskey on my nightstand.

Dave Geeting

Eva Huber

Barry Scott